ECS H67H2-I (V1.1) BIOS Download

ECS H67H2-I (V1.1) BIOS.

Changes in each version of BIOS :

Version 09/08/2011

1. Update CPU microcode to M12206A7_0000001A for Sandy Bridge D-2/Q-0 stepping.
2. Support ECS BIOS Graphic setup menu interface(EZ mode and GTSE).
3. Show DRAM timing argument "tWR" , "tRFC" , "tWTR" , "tRRD" , "tRTP" , "tFAW" in BIOS setup.
4. Adjust DIMM number information in DMI.
5. Add "C1E" control item in setup menu.
6. Support fixed boot order function(8 groups).
7. Add Dual/Single Color LED switch function.

Version 01/17/2011

1.Update ME Firmware version to
2.Update Sandy Bridge D-2/Q-0 uCode to M12206A7_00000012.
3.Update VBIOS to ver.2089.
4.Update MRC Version to "".
5.Tuning CPU Vcore voltage adjust performance.
6.Prompt user to load defaults before exiting BIOS Setup when clearing CMOS.