ASUS P7H55/USB3 BIOS Download


Changes in each version of BIOS :

Version 1606

1.Fix S3 loop test may fail when using Lynnfield CPUs.
2.Add Memory OK function Auto-check mechanism.
3.Support new CPUs.
4.Improve EIST function.
5.Fix auto tune(Custom tuning) dram frequency setting function fail with clarkdale CPUs.
6.Fix the compatible problem with Razer Tarantula.

Version 1202

1.Modify default IMC Voltage with BIOS setup "DRAM Frequency" setting more than 1333 (Qclk > 10) with clarkdale CPU.
2.Fix BIOS setup load show incorrect Target DRAM Frequency with increase Bclk in manual mode.
3.Fix BIOS setup load default show incorrect Target DRAM Frequency with boot in not default QCLK(DRAM Ratio) value.
4.Support new CPUs. Please refer to producer website here.
5.Fix auto tune (Fast tune and Extreme tune) turning result message show incorrect percent value.
6.Fix system may hang when using Clarkdale i5 655 CPU and setting DRAM frequency to 1600MHz (Qclk = 12).
7.Fix system may not to to safe mode if set Extreme CPU Ratio OFFSET function to over clocking fail.

Version 0306

1. First release.