ASUS Rampage IV Formula BIOS Download

ASUS Rampage IV Formula BIOS.

Changes in each version of BIOS :

Version 1202

1.Improve system stability.
2.Improve memory compatibility.
3.Enhance compatibility with some USB devices.
4. Fix PCIEx16 VGA card HD 7970 cannot be detected when the temperature of VGA less than -40.

Version 1005

1. Enhance PCIe 3.0 Support Capability.
2. Enhance DRAM Compatibility.
3. Enhance CPU OC capability.
4. Enable VT-d support for VT-d enabled processor.
5. Speed up S3 resume time.

Version 0505

1.Fix Bios Help contents too long issue.
2.Improve memory compatibility.
3.Fix display the CPU Freq incorrect issue when in "All Core mode"