RKill Download

RKill is an easy but extremely effective tool for protecting your computer from malware. This program is especially useful when your computer has already been infected and a standard antivirus program doesn't seem to be up to the challenge.  

RKill quickly and effectively deactivates detrimental processes and components that block or interfere with other programs' performance. This application does not have an interface that you know from other programs - in its window commands are displayed as simple text.

The program works almost automatically - after you launch it, RKill scans your computer and turn off harmful processes and system components all on its own. Along with it it removes from Windows registry all the entries made by harmful applications like malware and spyware, and resets any suspicious associations with .exe, .bat and .com format files.

The program's work is 100% safe for your computer. After eliminating all the detrimental entires that might have prevented anti-virus software from getting rid of the danger, RKill displays a detailed report with information on all detected and removed malicious components.