SlimCleaner Free Download

SlimCleaner is a system maintenance utility that will boost your system performance. Thanks to its’ powerful capabilities you can get rid of unnecessary data such as history files or log files  and significantly improve the performance of your PC.

The design of SlimCleaner’s interface is quite intuitive and eye candy with a nice menu, plus it is easy to work with. It features animated icons and lots of useful options.

As far as functions are concerned, SlimCleaner updates  and optimizes your PC by deleting log files, history  and Windows utilities. Moreover, it also contains an uninstaller which helps to remove useless programs. The process of cleaning is fast. What is more, SlimCleaner can also uninstall applications which run when the computer starts .

Apart from this, SlimCleaner brings a bunch of extra tools such as cleaner, optimization tool, shredder and Hijack Log to name  a few. There are so many tools that you can really get lost in the mix.

The cleaner is definitely one of the most important tools as it is responsible for temporary files, history logs, and other unwanted documents. It does its job quickly and effectively. Another great tool is a shredder which is particularly helpful when you need to remove files securely,  so that no one can restore them. Optimization tool area on the other hand, includes start-up process and active services. What’s more, SlimCleaner acts like an antivirus program, it scans the system and identifies items which are safe and those which should be paid attention to. It also helps you to decide which options are the most suitable for your computer, relying on the users ratings from the developer community.

In addition, you can makes use of a collection of Windows Tools which include Device Manager, Control Panel, User Accounts and System Restore. The application eats up a moderate amount of system resources, lets you to schedule scans as well as backup the registry.

To conclude, SlimCleaner  comes packed with lots of options and settings which remove unworthy files and applications. It keeps your computer safe stable and at a constant high performance.