Although Winows 8 is not the most beloved among Microsoft's operating system, it is by all means an effective and fast one. However, there are always some ways in which you could improve its performance even more; so here are two pieces of advice for all of you who would like to boost their Windows 8 or Windows 7's speed.

To get some impressive results all you have to do is to modify two parameters in system registry. Your registry can be opened by going to start screen, typing regedit on your keyboard, and choosing the shortcut icon with a cube. You can also press a combo of [Win] + R, then type in regedit, and confirm by choosing OK.

1. Loading system windows faster.

MenuShowDelay parameter in your system registry is responsible for the length of the period of time that passes between clicking your mouse and, for example, appearance of a context menu on your desktop. By default this parameter is set as 400; however, you can set a very low number (as little as zero). And what are the effects? Well, all the elements of the context menu and system interface load way faster.

But how to change it? Open HKEY_CURRENT_USER and in Control Panel choose Desktop folder. In the right side of the registry window look for MenuShowDelay. Once you find it, right click on it and choose Modify. Change default parameter to 0 or 20, as you like it. Afterwards confirm by clicking OK and close the registry. These settings will start working after a restart.


2. Loading “clouds” with details faster.

Your system displays “clouds” with details about elements – such as time and date in system tray – some time after you move your mouse on an element. The period of time that it takes until a cloud is displayed is controlled by MouseHoverTime parameter. It can be easily found in system registry.

To change that period of time, find HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder in your registry panel. Then go to Control Panel and choose Mouse. In the right look for MouseHoverTime file. Right-click on it and choose Modify. In a new window type a value – the lower the number, the sooner the cloud will appear; when you go for 0 clouds will appear immediately after you hover your cursor over an element. Confirm the new value by click OK, close the registry and restart your system.


Why should you do all these things? Well, if you value your time and you want your system to work faster and more smoothly then changing just these two parameters will save you much time in the future.

Are there any other parameters you think are worth changing? Share your opinion in the comments below!