Free PDF Compressor Download

Free PDF Compressor is a lightweight and free program whose main task is to compress PDF format files. Thanks to this feature you can obtain lightwight documents that can be easily sent via an e-mail or put onto a website.

The program allowing to reduce the volume of PDF format files is characterized by a simple interface that allows to quickly manage data. First of all, you set the source file and then the destination folder for the outcome file. Then you can choose among additional options such as optimizing for a website or displaying attached notes.

Free PDF Compressor allows to reduce the size of PDF format file from 30 down to even 60% from their initial size. The program removes duplicating elements, you can also choose compression level - from default, through fast, up to maximal PDF  format file compression. It is worth mentioning that if you attach graphic files to a document, they can also be extremely compressed. Among the undeniable advantages of Free PDF Compressor is its impovement of font contrast and background compression, so the outcome material file is often of better quality than before the compression.