Free Instagram Downloader Download

Instagram is an extremely easy-to-use photo filter app designed for iPhone and Android that can easily add various effects to your photos when you share them with your friends .Instagram Downloader lets users download Instagram images and snapshots.

Free Instagram Downloader only requires you to insert the username before grabbing images.
What is more, it lets users download all their pictures at the same time much quicker and easier. Keep in mind that it is an URL downloader, not a photo downloader. 

Clean and attractive interface invites you to use the application, with Office-style ribbon toolbar. The toolbar consists of three tabs, namely File, Home, and Help. All the tabs are self-explanatory, starting with Input User Name to Download All, Download Selected Photo, Open in WebBrowser, and Export the List. Under the Help file you can find screenshots and step-by-step instructions, what makes everything as easy as a pie.
Once you fire up the program, follow the three steps. First of all, enter the username of the Instagram user's photos you wish to download, select "Download All" or "Download Selected Photo,"and Instagram Downloader will do the rest. When the task is completed, the destination window pops up. From now on, you can do whatever you want with this image, resize it or rename its content.

Instagram Downloader is a great solution for sharing images with friends while offering an easy way to download batches of photos on your computer.