Core Temp Gadget Download

Core Temp Gadget is a free, useful tool that shows the temperature and load of your CPU's cores along with some information about your processor and platform. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that your computer needs to remain cool in order to run properly. Fortunately, tools like Core Temp will keep an eye on your system. The tool receives detailed information from Core Temp and displays it in a comprehensive interface.

With this tool, you can be constantly informed about the temperature of CPU and how much memory is occupied. Special graphs shows all the info, thus making it easy for not experienced users to better understand all the numbers. Due to flexible and customizable interface, you can select which items you wish to be informed about, as well as change the font.

Usually gadgets tend to be responsible for one task only, this one differentiates itself by touting quite a few options. Core Temp Gadget allows you to configure the graphs, change colors, and displays the clock speed in gigahertz. Core Temp Gadget is one of the best desktop applications for showing the temperature of individual cores in real time.