Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Download

Red Alert 2: Apocalypse in freeware version is one of the most popular strategic real-time games in the whole history of computer games. This game is addressed to advanced and experienced gamers, and with its rich variety of gaming opportunities and numerous gaming combinations it will satisfy even the most demanding and advanced strategy games lovers.

Red Alert 2: Apocalypse is, without any doubts, a true classic of its kind. The main plot is based on wartime movements caused by unsuccessful experiments. The world has been divided into alternative realities, and Russian military forces are destroying town after a town without any counter-efforts from the aliants. There is also neverending study of new weapons, experimental technologies, etc.

The player is thrown into the eye of the hurricane, straight into action. Although the game has quite a simple interface, the incredible number of options requires a long and careful training and constant improvement of war tactics. Undoubtedly the main component of the game is the possibility to play multiplayer both by the Internet and via LAN network.

In Red Alert 2: Apocalypse players have under their hands more than 130 new units and building and more than 40 missions in single player mode. There are three difficulty levels, and the map editor allows to create your own new scenarios.