Stronghold Crusader Download

Stronghold Crusader is an extremely popular real-time strategy game. This time the action takes place in the world of the Middle East at the time of the Crusades.

The game Stronghold Crusader was mainly addressed to enthusiasts of the so-called simulators of fortress defense. The game lets you build your fortress from scratch, ensure the safety and food to your people. The main aim is to extend your fortress and fend off Muslim attacks, however nothing crosses on yours path to conquer the enemy castle from time to time.

The latest brings even more improvements, such as four separate single-player campaigns in which we lead the European chivarly under the leadership of Richard the Lionheart, as well as Arab warriors led by Saladin. This makes the game even more interesting. In addition to this, the players are empowered with new divisions, such as the Teutonic Knights, horse archers, and more. In total, there are almost 25 military units to choose from.

Stronghold Crusader provides a rich collection of siege machines, including mangonels, ballista, trebuchets, towers, and more. There are also powerful defense tools like the moats, boiling oil, and so on. You can also create your own scenarios using editors and use it in a multiplayer game on the Internet or LAN. If you enjoy historically themed strategy games, Stronghold Crusader is the right choice.