WWE Raw Download

WWE Raw is one of the most realistically looking wrestling simulation games around. This PC game is based on WWE federation's licence, which is the world organization for wrestling, therefore we can turn into real-life wrestlers. The game provides its players with wonderful wrestling animation and physics. Each and every available character has its own set of combos that they really use in real life, along with all kinds of throws, trademark punches and finishes. Three-dimensional graphics, richness of details and sound effects well-known from the real fight place the game in the lead of wrestling simulation games.

Among WWE Raw's advantages is its great gaming quality and realistic show. Even details such as the moments when the competitors enter the arena are accompanied with dedicated music, special poses, and there are astonishing light effects on the arena, along with replays of the most interesting parts of the fight. there are always various play modes, WWE federation's real-life inspired championships, and interesting details about wrestling masters.

In this demo version of WWE Raw you can play in 1 vs 1 mode, controlling either The Rock or Kane.