Grooveshark Download

Grooveshark is an Internet service that allows to stream and listen to the music by using an Internet browser. This program is an alternative to other services such as Pandora, Spotify, or Deezer. Grooveshark provides its users with a comprehensive base of songs which millions of music tracks, both popular and non-mainstream.

Grooveshark allows to browse the base of music tracks with a search engine (using keywords such as title, artist, etc.) as well as discover new music with browsing by a genre. The search engine browses Grooveshark's data base and brings up all the results that match chosen criteria. Among the advantages of the program is the fact that search results are divided into tabs and you can browse various artists, songs, albums, as well as suitable playlists in different tabs, all according to your keywords. Thanks to this feature you can look up songs by both the title and the genre.

When you start playing a song, a sidebar with a queue will display. You can add any number of songs to it, change their order, and also set replay and shuffle modes. In Grooveshark there are also transmissions - a kind of music chat rooms that you can set up and listen to with other people, as well as recommend some songs to other users and chat with them in a separate window.

To completely utilize the service's potential you have to register. You can create an account for free and gives you a number of profits - first and foremost you get your personal profile with your own music collection, playlists and folder with favourites. In the colleciton you can add any songs you can find in the service to your profile. This way you can create your own virtual music library without sending your MP3 format files to the Internet. Playlists work just like in case of any music player - you can create for example themes playlists and add songs representing a certain genre. You can mark your favourite songs with a heart and add them to your favourites that you can later access qucikly by going to the Favourites tab in the program.

Grooveshark is certainly one of the most interesting music streaming services. You can create your own music library online for free, as well as listen to the songs from the data base of millions of music tracks. Additionally, you can access social networking elements by inviting your friends to use Grooveshark, as well as recommend songs to them, listen to the music together and track their listening history.