MerX .Network Scanner Download

Search a ip-range for ftp and smb-shares. MerX .Network Scanner is a network tool that gives you the possibility of ip and FTP searching and site scanning.

Here are some key features of "MerX Network Scanner":

路 searching a ip-range for:
路 smb-shares
路 ftp-shares
路 http-shares
路 dc servers (Port 411 only)
路 loading an saving of these data
路 offline browsing these data
路 searching for files, folders and strings
路 downloading of files and folders with resume-function
路 onlinebrowsing of remotehosts
路 portscanner
路 export to html new
路 merX data service for a easy sharing of the filedata
路 many threads are scanning for shares -> multithreaded
路 multithreaded downloading
路 u can browse remotehosts without a full scan
路 username/password authentification on smb and ftp-shares possible
路 overview over local shares, connection and transferrates