Zoom Player Home Professional Download

Zoom Player Home Professional probably doesn’t require an introduction. The feature-rich audio and video player has earned its reputation and is considered as one of the easiest, most customizable and powerful media player available for Windows. Furthermore, the developer has thrown a list of extra features into the mix. Let’s find out more about the Zoom Player Pro after the jump.

Zoom Player Pro seems to be one of the best media players available on the market. The installation process is quick as it is surprisingly small in download size. It’s a revamped version of Zoom Player Free that according to its developer – not only looks better, but also runs faster, is very easy to use and leaves minimal footprint on computer resources.

Zoom Player's professional version empowers its users with more advanced features such as its robust Playlist Manager, password protection and Media Definitions which lets users save and restore colour level, equalizer state and more of played files. There is also a Web Remote feature so Zoom Player can be controlled directly from your web browser. Another extra feature is an Extended command line interface which displays Zoom Player options directly from the command line.

Among the best things about Zoom Player Professional is the set of functions of the mouse wheel. The mouse wheel can be easily configured in order to make various adjustments to the playback, but the most attractive are the zooming and volume functions.

The pro version is simple enough for fresh users, while also ad vanced users can also spend great time with this software, exploring all the powerful features it has to offer. The install center allows users to custom-tailor it to their needs and add some extra features , file associations, codecs and more skins. There is long list of audio and video formats which Zoom Player Professional supports, a few examples are ASF, ASX, AVI, MPG, MPEG, VOB and WM to name the most popular ones.

Zoom Player takes advantages of host of a powerful Media Center application. The incorporated 5-Key system allows straight-forward navigation with advanced interfaces including the Media Library, File Browser, Playlist, Color Control, Audio Equalizer, Bookmarks, Play History and more.

To conclude, Zoom Player Pro is an excellent piece of software which provides great media playing environment and the only thing that would stop users from buying it, is the price.