Free Pascal Download

Free Pascal (or FPK Pascal, or FPC) is 32 and 64 bit Pascal compiler available on multiple processor architectures and supports many operating systems. Free Pascal is distributed under GPL. Runtime libraries as well as additional packages that are distributed with compiler are under a modified version of the LGPL. It means that the authors agreed to add in those libraries to their own programs irrespective of program licence and the way they will connect (statically or dynamically).

Some features of Free Pascal:

  • Pascal language is a very good language. It is more readable than C, not to mention C++. In addition, the Pascal language is as powerful as you want it to be.
  • Pascal does not need so called Makefiles, so you can save your time because compiler decides on its own which files should be recompiled.
  • Pascal compilers are very fast, the same in free version. You do not have to waste your precious time on waiting till your program is compiled, even large programs compile in leaps and bounds.
  • Pascal great integrates with assembler. Users can easily combine Pascal code and assembler code. If you think that Pascal is dedicated for beginners, you are wrong! Pascal is brilliant for high tech programming, that is why you can create advanced programs.
  • Free Pascal is compatible with Turbo Pascal and quite well keeps up with Delphi source code.