uTorrent Download

Nowadays sharing files over the Internet using torrents is becoming increasingly popular, as with the help of torrents downloading is continuous and uninterrupted. uTorrent is a lightweight BitTorrent client. It leaves minimal footprint on computer resources, does not require installation and is contained within a single executable small in file size. In case you decide to remove uTorrent, just erase the executable. The main interface lays out uTorrent’s features in a legible manner as it is divided into well defined areas that contain the download list and tasks.

uTorrent comes with the torrent job list available in the main interface, where your torrent jobs are displayed. It provides useful information about each of  torrent job. Some detailed information about torrents such as trackers(URL, status, DHT status and update), transfer (total time elapsed, download/upload size, number of seeds available, download/upload speed, share ratio), speed or logger which is not available in the torrent job list can be found in the detailed info pane.

This tiny application provides features that are presented in other BitTorrent clients such as bandwidth prioritization, scheduling, RSS auto-downloading, and Mainline DHT. When it comes to prioritizing, users can set a task to High, Normal or Low bandwidth and depending on this it will complete at any time you define. Additionally, uTorrent supports the protocol encryption joint specification and peer exchange.

There standard torrent clients are very handy tools but in case you are looking for a greater speed, lightweight and reliable torrent downloader with even more advanced features, there are quite a few alternatives worth checking  and among them is uTorrent.


µTorrent is an efficient and rich in options BitTorrent client. It was created to leave minimal footprint on computer resources, however it offers functionality of advanced clients. Program does not require installation. Many functions available in other BitTorrent clients is included in uTorrent: priority system, work schedule, RSS or Mainline DHT (compatible with BitComet). In addition, uTorrent supports encryption (compatible with Azureus or  the latest, BitComet 0.63 or the latest) and peer exchange.

In contrast to other clients, application uses as little computer resources as possible- normally uses less than 6 MB of RAM, what enables you to work on the computer without slowing it down. Additionally, uTorrent is distributed as a single executable file with less size than 220 KB. Replacing icons and graphic task bars are available, but you can also easily create your own. uTorrent supports translations and automatically changes language used in the system. If your language is not handled, you can easily add it or enhance existed translations.

Software developers spend a lot of time working on new features and enhancing user interface to make it better. New versions appear when they are ready to run, without previously determined dates, that is why they include minimal number of errors ( in case errors appear, they are fix on the spot).

Main features of uTorrent:

  • Ability to download files at once
  • Configurable bandwidth scheduler
  • Limited Speed of downloading
  • Ability to resume interrupted transfer
  • RSS downloader
  • Support for DHT
  • Ability to set private Proxy settings
  • Additional feature to stop downloading in case of user activity detection

    System requirements:
  • Windows 95 will be obliged to install the Winsock2 update from Microsoft in order to make uTorrent work properly