Free Picture Resizer Download

Picture Resizer is a handy application designed to batch resize JPG images.

When compared to all the other similar tools, Picture Resizer differentiates itself by offering a fresh way to resize image files, granting you two different methods to choose from.

The first step is to simply drag the images you wish to resize on the application icon. As simple as that. The other way is to select a context menu option to do this on the fly. However, in this case everything needs to be manually configured directly from the main window of the program.

Since the program does not provide any configuration options, to define the size of the processed file, you ought to rename the executable file depending on the output size. All the resized images are placed in the same directory as the source files.
The resizing engine is blazingly fast and it doesn't hog valuable system resources.

All in all, Picture Resizer is a modern and practical app that provides a an easy and convenient way to batch resize numerous files. And best of all it is free!