eMule Download

eMule is a very good and popular program used to share files designed for Windows. eMule project started in 2002 as an alternative to eDonkey2000 and now it connects both to eDonkey and KAD networks. Unlike the competitors, eMule brings features like direct change the source  of downloaded files, quickly fixes defected files and provides credit system that awards users who make a lot of files available. Moreover, it uses library to compress data on the spot to speed up the downloading process with the same bandwidth connection.

The average number of eMule users is 20 millions, what makes it possible to find rare files. You can also install some additional modes, plug-ins and gathers developers community.
eMule acceleration patch is an example of such module .

In addition, it enables change different kinds of files such as audio, video, graphic and so on. Another advantage is that it can display unfinished files ÔÇô with this feature we can check if we are downloading appropriate file before it downloads on your PC. IRC channel enables Communications between eMule users. The program is not compatible with Windows 95.

eMule is free peer-to-peer program, do not install any spyware and backdoors. It is an ideal solution for those who are looking for movies, games and music.

Main features of eMule:

  • Client uses several networks to create one stable and comprehensive network (ED2K, Source Exchange, Kad)
  • eMule awards those clients who make their sources available and share them with other users
  • Every file is checked to prevent downloading an error file
  • eMule Intelligent Corruption Control speeds up the correction of damaged parts
  • Automatic priorities and source management enables you to start downloading without a need to monitor downloading process
  • Thanks to preview function,┬á you can look at video files and archive┬á before the end of downloading
  • It provides users with the ability to create categories in order to sort out downloaded files
  • Special module allows you to chat with other users and add them as friends, with this function you will know if the friend is online or not
  • eMule comes with embedded IRC client so that you can chat with other eMule users