XMPlay Download

As the most important office equipment in the kitchen is kettle and radio, the most important office product is a web browser and a music player. XMPlay is a lightweight, basic media player that lets users play audio in a variety of formats with a power to fight with other similar app currently available on the market. You can find there all the things they would ever expect from this kind of utility.

There is no point to linger on the installation procedure as XMPlay comes as a ZIP file and all you need to do is to extract the files and start using it.

Once installed, it greets us with a simple and basic user interface that lets users control all the necessary audio tweaking options. It offers two possible sizes and you can change the skins, making the app look the way you like. Among the best things about XMPlay is the ability to control almost every function by means of shortcuts, which is very functional when you want to listen to music while working with other programs.

XMPlay brings a variety of controls that many media players lack, some of these options include an equalizer and adjustments for balance and reverb. Apart from this XMPlay offers an unrivaled sound quality, support for Winamp plug-ins and the ability to play files straight from archives.

Taking everything into account, XMPlay has so many well-developed features to offer, while being light on computer resources all the time, beating most of the other tools in the same software category.

There are some options that XMPlay which can be found in other players, such as the built-in audio converter, the lyrics viewer and definitely needs rooms for improvements when talking about interface.

It may be hard to convince an avid computer user to try XMPlay, but definitely deserves to give XMPlay a shot. It's not as popular as Winamp, but it is free, fast, simple MP3 player and does its job well, without hogging valuable system resources.