Minilyrics Download

If you like to sing along your favourite artists, but you don't the memory for lyrics, and at the same time you don't want to spend your time on looking up the lyrics on the Internet - here is a prefect solution for you! Minilyrics is a great lyrics viewer which works as a plug-in for numerous music players, such as Winamp, iTunes,  Windows Media Player, Quintessenial Player, RealOne, MusicMatch Jukebox, VLC Media Player, MediaMonkey, J. River Media Center, Helium Music Manager, Silverjuke, XMPlay, BSPLayer, AlbumPlayer, RealPlayer, Yahoo Music Engine, and foobar2000.

Minilyrics works automatically to download and save lyrics to your favourite songs. Moreover, lyrics are assigned to your mp3 format files, so you can browse them later on your iPhone or iPod touch. From now on, you can sing along your favourite artists without losing a word!