AIDA32 - Enterprise System Information Download

Aida32 – Enterprise System Information is a program which provides its users with comprehensive information on the system (or systems) installed on the hard drives of a computer. Equipped with a collection of data about more than 25 000 devices it can display in detail overview of a PC's hardware and software drivers.

The program requires no installation, as it is run as an executable file viewed in a well-organized interface of a tree view list, into which system categories have been divided. Within its numerous options the users can view OS, Network, Software and Display. Although most of this data can be accessed with standard Windows methods, AIDA32 collects them all in one window.

The ultimate advantage of this program is the report wizard feature which allows you to create a wide choice of customized reports, such as system summaries, hardware or software only listings, along with benchmarking. Another tools included in the application are: CPU profiling, disc and network benchmarking and monitor testing.

The interface of the program is designed in such a way that no help files are necessary, even for the beginning users it is easy to work with it. The left side of the program's window is a navigation menu that displays categories and on the right side detailed information on the chosen element is presented. All the data can be saved by right-clicking on a certain device's icon and choosing “make a report” option. Reports can be later exported to a variety of formats, including txt, HTML, XML, CSV, MIF, INI and ADO.

Since 2004 there are no further works concerning the program. Yet, even after such a long period of time its capabilities are by no means outdated.