Each month it seems that some new product arises that uses a SandForce SSD controller, and it looks like A-Data, like Corsair, finished work on its latest such series of devices, one S511. Saying that the solid state drive market flourished over the past two years would likely qualify as an understatement at this point. While hard drives have been maintaining their role by continually increasing their maximum storage capacities, SSDs have still been gnawing at their market share. This is because they, too, have been getting higher capacities while getting cheaper, and this is not counting the massive data speeds they have, especially when communicating via the latest SATA standard. All solid state drives have high read and write speeds, compared to HDDs, but those powered by SandForce controllers sit at the top. It is that company's chips that were utilized in the making of the Corsair Force Series 3 line, which we covered here. Apparently, A-Data also developed that sort of drives, in this case using the SF-2200 chip, which can read and write data at sustained speeds of 550 MB/s and 520 MB/s, respectively, on SATA 6.0 Gbps. Also, their 4K random write speeds can reach as high as 60,000 IOPS, meaning that it takes just 15 seconds to transfer 5 GB of data, like DVD-quality movies for instance. Like all other SSDs, the newcomers run without vibration, produce no noise and need a fairly low amount of power. All in all, they are described as having the necessary feature set to provide “an irreplaceable advantage” in “both desktop and laptop computers, and in a broad range of computing environments.” For those that want more specifics, system boot should be completed in 25 seconds, quite the boost over what HDDs can manage. The newcomers have been described in detail on their maker's official website and will sell in 60 GB, 120 GB, 240 GB and 480 GB when they become available. Current pre-order prices are said to be of €122.90, €212.90, €434 and €1,129, respectively.