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Deactivate BitLocker Encryption on Windows 11 | Boost SSD Speed by 45%

By default on some devices running Windows 11 BitLocker is enabled resulting in a possible 45% performance drop for SSDs. Learn how to check if your W...

How to fix an SSD or SD card that won’t delete data or format.

Learn how to fix SSDs or SD cards that won’t delete files or can’t be formatted. Solution: Can’t format SSD or SD card, files keep coming back.

How to Rename Drives & Change Volume Labels on Windows 11.

Learn how to rename drives and change Volume labels on Windows 11. A quick and easy way to make identifying certain drives on your Windows 11 computer...

How to check the health of your drives on Windows 10. (NVMe and SSD)

A short tutorial showing you how to quickly and easily check the health of your hard drive/s on Windows 10. A newly added feature on Windows 10 that a...

How to check hard drive temperatures on Windows 10 with built-in tools.

A short tutorial showing you how to easily check the temperature of your hard drives on Windows 10 using built-in tools. A fantastic way to check if h...

How to Format a Drive on Windows 10 That Says it is Being Used By Another Service or Process.

A short tutorial showing you how to format a drive on Windows 10 if it is saying it is in use by another program or service. An unusual issue on Windo...

How to Find Out if Your Laptop Has a Solid State Drive. (SSD)

A short tutorial showing you four different ways to check if the computer you are using has an SSD installed as its main hard drive. Simple system bas...

How to Hide Drives In Windows 10 File Explorer.

If you often like to hide files and folders using the Windows hidden files option, this guide will show you how to expand on this hiding method by tea...

How to move your Windows to a Solid State Drive?

Solid State Drives (SSD) are by all means cool: they're way faster and more effective than HDDs. Their advantages come with a solid price, but it's be...

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