The 830 series of Samsung solid state drives (SSDs) is one that showed up on the web a while ago but only now got officially launched by the company. This line of NAND Flash-based storage products is entirely made by Samsung, this being the reason invoked by the company for their 'amazing performance.' “Since Samsung manufactures all components of the 830 SSD, we are able to deliver amazing performance and enhanced reliability,” explained Reid Sullivan, senior vice president of Mobile Entertainment, Samsung Electronics America. “In addition, the drives feature an absolutely beautiful design that anyone will want to show off.” As a reminder, the newcomers are 20nm-based SATA 6.0 Gps drives of 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB. In that order, their prices are of $129.99 (93.41 Euro), $299.99 (215.58 Euro), $429.99 (309.01 Euro) and $849.99 (610.84 Euro). It bears noting that these are the same drives that got bundled with a free copy of Batman: Arkham City. Performance-wise, reading is done at up to 520 MB/s, while writing is accomplished at 400 MB/s. “I expected a speed boost on systems utilizing the 830 SSD, but I was stunned at just how much of a benefit Samsung was able to achieve,” said N’Gai Croal of research firm Hit Detection. “System boot, game launch and saved game loads are all noticeably quicker. This means gamers can jump into their games faster then ever before. On some titles, we even noticed a more fluid experience, likely because of how quickly the game assets were streaming in.” Samsung sells the drives with Norton Ghost installation software and the Samsung Magician application, which will preserve its performance. Finally, for those wondering how the Batman: Arkham City bundling works, Samsung included a code in the box which will let buyers download the full PC version.