The new version of Skype 6.2 comes with a set of new features, plus several bug fixes.

Skype 6.2 for Windows brings a redesigned top toolbar that comprises all main actions in one place what will allow Skype users direct access to Home, Calling Phones, Creating Groups and Adding Contacts.

Additionally, the new version integrates a cool eGifting feature “Skype users can now send a gift or credit to anyone they care about,” writes the Skype team on the official Skype blog.

Last but not least, this version allows users to send an instant message using ctrl+enter, Skype 6.2 drops support for PCs using Intel Pentium 3 or similar CPUs which don't provide support for SSE2 instructions.

Another new feature in the Skype 6.2 release is a one-way SMS function which allows Skype users send messages without having their phone number checked.

Also worth noting is that the update includes several bug improvements, concerning problems with signing out of Facebook and issues connected with the view of Messenger contacts in a Skype contact group.