Intel's X79 Express chipset for the company's upcoming Sandy Bridge-E processors seems to be one of the stars of this year's Computex fair, and Asus couldn't pass this opportunity to show us their own version of an LGA 2011 motherboard. The board showcased by the Taiwanese company is called the C1X79 Evo and is just a prototype of the final model that is expected to arrive in Q4 2011. This will feature a black PCB, as most of Asus other high-end solutions, as well as a new radiator design, but otherwise the layout is expected to remain unchanged. Just as its name implies, the Evo will be one of the most basic Intel X79 boards to be launched by Asus, and this is expected to be accompanied by a Deluxe model and at least a ROG solution. Moving back to the C1X79 Evo, this features support for quad-channel memory, three PCI Express x16 slots (which can work in an x16/x16 or x16/x8/x8 mode), one PCI-E x4 slot, as well as a pair of PCI Express x1 slots. Storage is provided by no less than 14 SATA ports, 10 powered by the Intel X79 chipset and working at 6Gbps, while the other four are driven by third-party 3Gbps SATA controllers. Other features include support for 8+2 channel HD audio, dual Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 connectivity, Asus' UEFI setup program with EZMode, and the now usual TPU and EPU technologies. CPU power is delivered by a rather simple 6+1 phase VRM. Intel's Sandy Bridge-E processors are expected to debut in the forth quarter of 2011 and the initial CPU batch will include three chips, two featuring a six-core design and a quad-core model. The Asus C1X79 Evo (or however Asus will name the motherboard by then) is also expected to debut in Q4 2011.