Webp image files have been around since September 2010 and are slowly starting to gain traction, with more and more websites incorporating the format. If you would like to start using Webp but have no idea how and where to convert to it, this guide will show you a few different ways you can do so.


How to Save Online Webp Format Files as JPG Files.

Although Google’s WEBP image format has been around since September 2010, it has taken quite some time to gain any traction. This doesn't mean that WEBP is a bad format, it’s actually very, very good at compressing images into exceptionally small sizes, whilst still maintaining quality. Webp files can be roughly two-thirds the size of the same image in JPG or PNG format. If you are looking for a way to convert image files into Webp but can’t find the option on popular image editing programs like Photoshop CS6 and Gimp, below are some alternative options you can try.

Convert Any Image Format to Webp Using Convert.io.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to convert just about any image file into Webp format is to use an online service called Convert.io. Convert.io is easy to use, has just about any conversion option you can think of, is available in a ton of different languages and best of all is free. To use Convert.io to convert your image files into Webp, upload your original file to the site, then choose the format you wish to convert to. (if you get a weird popup asking about text recognition, simply select an option, then click back to go back to the main screen where you can select a format other than doc) After this, the rest is straightforward.

how do you convert to webp format

Convert JPG and PNG Files to Webp Using webp-converter.

Next on the list of ways to convert image files to Webp is webp-converter. The website is one of the most basic websites around, offering little in the way of glamor or interface. Simply upload your PNG or JPG file to the service, set your quality level, then click convert. In comparison to Convert.io, webp-converter makes far larger images when you set the quality to highest. In comparison, the same image file converted with webp-converter was 60% larger.

convert image files from png to webp

Convert to Webp Format Using aconvert.

Another really good online tool you can use to convert any image format to Webp is aconvert. aconvert is a far nicer looking service than webp-converter but works in a very similar way, simply upload your image file, customise your settings then wait for the output file. aconvert is worth exploring a little further if you have other conversion tasks that need completing.

how do you convert to webp format

Converting Image Formats to Webp Using Free Online Conversion.

The final tool you can use to convert an assortment of image formats to Webp is Free Online Conversion. This tool works just as well as any of the above options, however, has a slightly more complicated looking interface. As for the output files, the quality and size is somewhere in the middle, between aconvert and webp-converter. The only drawback of this service is the speed, it’s the slowest of all the tools, however, it is also the only one that scans the original file for viruses.

how do you convert files to webp