Learn how to stop Twitter sharing your location whenever your post a tweet. By default, location sharing is disabled on Twitter, however, if you have allowed the app to share your location, even just once it will have now set itself to always on.


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Both the Android and iOS versions of Twitter mobile allow you to easily share your location when posting a tweet. By default, Twitter location sharing is set to disabled, however, can easily be enabled when sending out a tweet. What you might not be aware of is that once you have sent out a tweet with your location, all future tweets will have location sharing active.

If you’d rather not share your location every time you send out a tweet, this guide will show where to find the location sharing settings and how to customize them to better suit the way you use Twitter.

How to Remove Location Data From Individual Tweets. (Android and iOS)

If you would like to leave location sharing enabled by default and just choose when to share your location follow the below steps. The process is basically the same for both Android and iOS, only the app layout is a little different. On both, Android and iOS devices open Twitter and prepare a tweet. When you have your tweet ready to post tap the small blue pin in the far left of the options bar, this will show you a list of locations you can choose from. At the very bottom, you will find a toggle that will allow you to share your Precise Location.

how do you stop twitter always posting location

If this is enabled, flip the toggle to the grayed out position, which is the Off position. You can also disable location sharing by tapping the Cross next to the locale highlighted by the Twitter App. To double check location sharing is disabled for your tweet make sure the pin in the options row is grayed out. If it is blue, you will share your location.


How to Block Twitter Getting Location Services Access (Android & iOS)

For a more permanent solution that will completely block Twitter's access to location services, you can do the following. For iOS users open the Settings app and scroll down until you find Twitter. Here there are two Twitter entries, the one you are looking for is listed with all your other apps. (the Twitter option listed with Facebook, Flickr, and Vimeo, isn’t the right one)

stop twitter using my location

Once you find it, change the Location from While Using the App to Never. As soon as this is done Twitter won’t be able to share your location, unless you allow permission again at some stage.

how do you stop twitter using location in tweets

For Android users, open your phone’s Settings menu, scroll down to Apps and search for Twitter on the list, it will be near the bottom as the list is alphabetical. When you find Twitter tap it once to view more options, inside this menu tap Permissions and flip the toggle for Location to Off. Twitter will now be banned from using your location data. If you want to enable it at a later date, simply tap the location icon in the Twitter app and allow access or go back into App settings as shown above and turn location settings to On.

disable location services in twitter