Good audio quality is crucial for YouTube videos and podcasts as it helps to keep the viewer or listener engaged and improves the overall impact of the content. So if you don’t have the best microphone or are working in a noisy environment you may need some extra tools to help get the best possible results. So follow along as we show you how to get the best possible sounding audio without any extra cost and barely any extra time.

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Having good audio quality is essential for any YouTube video or podcast. Poor audio quality can significantly detract from the viewer's or listener's experience, making it difficult for them to understand what is being said or to engage with the content. In contrast, clear and crisp audio can help to keep the viewer or listener engaged and can improve the overall impact of the video or podcast. There are several reasons why setting up a microphone and ensuring good audio quality is important for YouTube videos and podcasts.

First, good audio quality helps to ensure that the content is easily understood by the viewer or listener. If the audio is muffled or distorted, it can be difficult to make out what is being said, which can be frustrating for the viewer or listener. This can lead to a loss of interest in the content and potentially even a loss of subscribers or listeners.

Second, good audio quality can help to create a professional image for the creator. Poor audio quality can make a YouTube channel or podcast appear amateurish, which can be off-putting for potential viewers or listeners. On the other hand, good audio quality can help to establish the creator as a professional in their field and can increase the credibility of their content.

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How do you Enhance audio quality for YouTube videos and Podcasts? Make a cheap microphone sound like a professional one.

While having an expensive microphone is still the absolute pinnacle of getting good sound, there is a way to give a cheap or average microphone a massive boost! And it’s entirely free! Using Adobe Enhance Speech you can record content and then have it enhanced for you. increasing clarity by removing background noise while sharpening your voice’s frequencies.

  • To begin record something as you normally would. If you are recording in OBS and have a video track you will need to extract the MP3 file.
  • Once you have a plain audio file (no video) upload it to Adobe Enhance Speech, then wait a few minutes for the track to be processed. It doesn’t take long, however, the length of the track is a major factor in how long it takes.

How to use Adobe Microphone Check. Free Microphone checker

  • Once the file has been processed you can simply redownload it and drop it into your project then proceed to edit everything as you normally would.

As we explained above! Good audio quality can help to improve the overall viewing or listening experience of any video or podcast. Clear and crisp audio can make it more enjoyable to watch or listen to a video or podcast, leading to higher levels of engagement and potentially even increasing the length of time that a viewer or listener spends on the content.