If you are exploring the Ai art space and are looking for a good alternative to Midjourney thats free and has a better user interface, you’ll want to checkout Leonardo.Ai. A brand new text to image generative art Ai that allows you to create amazing images with simple text prompts. Sound good? Let’s find out why Leonardo.Ai is about to teach Midjourney some lessons.

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If you haven’t been hiding under a rock for the last 12 months you would have heard of Midjourney and all the other Text to Image generative art Ais currently on the market. Tools like Stable Diffusion, DALLE, BlueWillow, Adobe Firefly and a few others I can’t think of right now! While they are all decent options, Midjourney is still the best generative art Ai currently available.

The only problem with Midjourney is that it’s expensive, and relies heavily on Discord and prompt weighting to get really good results. This is where Leonardo.Ai has a lot to teach Midjourney. If you haven’t tried Leonardo.Ai yet, sign up for the beta right now to get early access. Once you have access you can start using it for free. Now here’s where things get really interesting.

Is Leonardo.Ai really better than Midjourney? Yes and No! Here’s why.

Unlike Midjourney Leonardo.Ai have a really easy to use and follow interface. All the options and configurations are listed and allow you to see what they will do from the get-go.

Free Usage
Leonardo.ai also gives you 150 tokens to use each day which is a good amount of free usage. This is something Midjourney does not offer. You can create quite a lot of content each day with these tokens. We cover their usage more below.

Featured Models

These are the biggest plus when using Leonardo.ai, they allow you to select an art style that you want to use to create content. This means you will be guaranteed to get the art type that you want from the get go. There are tons of different styles to choose from as well so you won’t run out of choices.

Recent Creations

Here you can see a range of creations that people have made using Leonardo.ai. You can also click on them. To view all of the information that went into creating them. You can also click the Image2Image option to use that image as a base for your own. Just be sure to copy the negative prompt across if you decide to choose this option. For some reason, it doesn’t import the negative prompt. At least that is the case at the time of writing.

Leonardo.ai vs midjourney vs adobe firefly

Community Feed

Here you can view, like and follow creations and creators. It also allows you to view all of the data that was used to create that specific piece of art, just like the Recent Creations page.

Leonardo.ai the best free ai art tool now

Personal Feed.

This is where all of the content you create is stored so you can keep track of all the art you’ve made and all the prompts that you used to create each piece.

How to Create Amazing Art Using Leonardo.ai

  • To begin, choose one of the Featured Models at the top of the home page. Once you have done this you’ll be taken to the Prompting area.
  • On this page enter your prompt into the prompting area. Don’t be afraid to go crazy with your request. The more detailed the better.
  • Below this enable Add Negative Prompt option and enter all of the content that you don’t want to be included in your image.

creating ai art with leonardo ai

  • Next, adjust the options in the left-hand pane hover over the ? to see what each does.
  • Number of images
  • Prompt Magic
  • Image Dimensions
  • Ration
  • Guidance Scale
  • ControlNet
  • Tiling
  • Image to Image

best generative ai art tool 2024leonardo.ai

After you have adjusted each make sure to check how many tokens the changes will use. To do this just look below the Generate icon to see how many the new configuration will use.

  • Now that you have a couple of images hover your mouse over each to view the customisation options. The list of options here is amazing and worth experimenting with, just keep in mind that each request will use tokens to go sparingly. The good thing is that if you run out of tokens you can just wait 24hr for some more then try again.

How much does Leonardo.ai cost when you run out of tokens?

Of all the Generative Image Ais getting around Leonardo.ai is probably the best priced. There are currently 3 plans with varying levels of support and tokens however the allocated amount each month is quite generous compared to all the others on the market. You can find more information on pricing here.

Midjourney vs Leonardo.ai?

After having used both for a while I heavily favour using Leonardo.ai over Midjourney. The way the free usage system is set up is fair and allows you to make a lot of cool content. The paid version is also fairly priced. Quality is great and the GUI interface is hands down the best on the market. What does Midjourney do better? Quality. At this start Midjourney still have higher quality results especially when you are looking to create photorealism. However, all of that comes with a complex trade-off. Using Midjourney to its full potential has a steep learning curve. Still not convinced about Midjourney or Leonardo? Checkout our guide on Adobe Firefly and BlueWillow.