On Friday, Apple and its carrier partners have kicked off the pre-order period for the new iPhone 5 device, with impressive response from end users. Just as many might have expected, South Korean mobile phone maker, who has been long at war with Apple in the smartphone area, has started a marketing campaign against the handset. In an ad meant to run in all national newspapers in the United States, Samsung is touting the features and capabilities of its latest flagship Android device, the Galaxy S III, against those of the new iPhone 5. Samsung is well known for its advertising campaigns that are slandering Apple’s devices, such as the one the company came up with for the Galaxy Note phablet or for last year’s flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S II, and the new ad falls right into that category. With a tagline stating that “It doesn’t take a genius. The Next Big Thing Is Already Here,” Samsung's ad is indicating that the Android smartphone has a great deal of features and capabilities that leave Apple’s new model far behind. Galaxy S III comes with a far larger touchscreen, packs more RAM inside along with features such as NFC, and also enables users to add more storage into the mix, via microSD memory cards. However, it’s quite clear that the South Korean company highlighted the capabilities of Galaxy S III without offering a complete rundown of iPhone 5’s features. You can see the ad attached to this article to the left to make an idea of what Samsung had to say about the two devices. Soon after the ad emerged, Apple fans came up with their answers to it, trying to mock Samsung’s high-end device under different taglines. You can see some of those parodies to Samsung’s ad embedded below. Samsung has been touting the capabilities of its devices more aggressively lately, in an attempt to determine iPhone users to move to Android and leave Apple aside. Apparently, although Galaxy S III’s hardware specifications are seen as superior to those of iPhone 5, the latter has already seen great demand in the US, only hours after the pre-order period started. This shows that iPhone buyers are less interested in the specs sheet of the device than Samsung would have hoped for, and that they are fond of the experience and the ecosystem that Apple offers to them. Have a look at Samsung’s ad and at the reader-made answers to it, and share your thoughts on them in the comments section.