Recently confirmed by Opera in an official news release, the Opera web browser will soon be available as a native iPad application, and Softpedia has already had a go at it. We have some information straight from Opera Software to dish out, as well as some exclusive imagery. Read on. Previewed by our Gadgets editor, Alex Vochin, who is currently on the floor of MWC 2011 Barcelona, Opera for iPad is blazingly fast! Or so says our guy, who couldn’t get enough of pinching to zoom in and out of web pages as he gave the web browser a quick spin. The app runs very smooth, and allows for some rapid movement between visual tabs (open pages). Visual tabs allow users to have several web pages open concurrently and quickly switch between them using tabs. Each tab allows users to preview a thumbnail, as well as the page title and icon for each web page they have open. Where the default touchscreen keyboard provides a less-than-optimal user experience, users can take advantage of Opera’s virtual keyboard to type and edit information without having to leave the page they are viewing. According, to the Norwegian software vendor, Opera for tablets is built on the same core technology as Opera Desktop and Opera Mobile for phones. The iPad version takes all this a step (or more) further. In fact, Opera says that the tablet version enables users to have the same powerful browser experience they have become accustomed to on their desktop computers. Unfortunately, Opera declined to provide a specific launch date for Opera for iPad, but by the looks of it, we should be able to grab it from the App Store in no more than a week or so.