It isn't unusual for a product to get exposed prematurely in leaks or reports, but the leak dealing with an upcoming ASUS tablet is even poorer in details than usual, with just some glancing pictures of the product having been uncovered. If anything, ASUS has definitely made an impression on the tablet market, especially with the Eee Pad Transformer. Still, the news surrounding said slate was, in a way, conflicting, because there seems to be both a high demand and a lack of availability. Nevertheless, even with this slate not selling as well as its maker would like, it might just be that ASUS is already well into making a new tablet. More specifically, the company provided some photos of the slate, although none of them depict it in its entirety. In other words, it is impossible to tell what hardware is used or even what software is used, meaning it could be a MeeGo device, or a 3D tablet or other things of the sort. Also, since none of the photos show the product in its entirety, a perfect mental image can't be formed. Fortunately, there is enough to at least make out that the overall design is quite stylish, going by at least one point of view. Apparently, it is quite thin, at least near the edges, with the middle being a bit thicker, hinting at the cooling necessary for the more performance-intensive parts. Additionally, there seems to be a clip on the side, along with a latch switch and a camera lens, all in a frame colored in a combination of black, silver and metallic brown. Considering that previous reports mentioned an ASUS 3D tablet and a MeeGo-running slate, it is possible, even likely, that this is one of those, if not both. If not based on ARM, the Intel Atom Z670 processor will probably be made use of. New pictures of the tablet should be posted by the time Computex 2011 comes around, so the mystery will be unraveled little by little.