Samsung’s Series 7 notebooks have been praised for their good looks, high performance, thin waist and low weight, but what happens when the company lets go of these constraints and only focuses on performance? The answer is the new Series 7 gaming notebook from the Korean giant that, while far from being a 4 Kg monster like MSI GT70 or ASUS’s G75, it is able to fit inside a lot of processing power, 3D performance and a fast and roomy storage system. The official name of Samsung’s new baby is Series 7 Gamer Yellow 3D and if you’re wondering where the “yellow” moniker is coming from, the answer is the color of the whole notebook. That’s right; Samsung decided to make the new gaming laptop a real looker and has chosen a beautiful, bright yellow color for the casing. The Series 7 Gamer Yellow 3D reportedly uses an extremely powerful AMD Radeon HD 7870M mobile GPU to power its gaming side and, while not the fastest mobile GOU available right now, it brings a very good balance between performance and power consumption. The storage system brings exactly what every other laptop in the world should have, a dual HDD 2.5” bay setup with a fast 128 GB SSD boot drive and a roomy 1TB HDD for your games, movies, pictures and music. In our opinion, absolutely every notebook and laptop in the world should be designed this way and that includes UltraBooks and ultra-thins. The netbooks and tablets can get away with only a single storage bay, but real notebooks should not come without a dual system in this SSD drive world. There is no reason not to include a second SSD drive bay and if Samsung manages to put two of these inside a 17” notebook, so should Gigabyte in a 17” netbook, like we’ve discussed here. The 3D screen is a 17.3” SuperBright 3D LED display with a medium brightness of 400 nit sporting the usual 1920 by 1080 FullHD resolution. The processor powering the unit is Intel’s Core i7-3610QM working at a default 2300 Mhz frequency with a 3100 MHz Turbo option or even 3300 Mhz when only a single thread is requiring maximum performance. Despite the fact that it comes with a 6 MB level 3 cache, Intel’s Ivy Bridge CPU only has a modest 45 watts TDP and that is indeed modest considering the performance. The price of Samsung’s 3.81 Kg (8.30 pounds) notebook is slated at $2643 (2150 EUR). We admit we really like Samsung’s color choice and we’re quite disappointed that the keyboard, wrist pad and monitor bezel are not yellow too.