Samsung has already been attacking the iPhone 5 in the days leading up the launch of Apple's next iOS smartphone. This weekend, Samsung ran newspaper ads that tried to show how the iPhone 5 was inferior to Samsung's Galaxy S III, which launched in Europe in late May and in June in the US. Today, Samsung kept up the marketing pressure with the launch of a new 90 second television commercial that pokes more than a little fun at the people in line waiting for the iPhone 5 to be released in January. We've already talked about how some of the people in line at the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in NYC are not really there to buy an iPhone 5. The commercial points out the new connection dock on the iPhone 5 needs an adapter to connect to all those older iPhone devices. Samsung also shows off the NFC capabilities of the Galaxy S III to transfer files and photos just by touching two of those smartphones together. It even equates buying an iPhone 5 to something your mother and father would do instead of you. Ouch. You can bet that this won't be the last slam that Samsung has planned against the iPhone 5 before Friday. You can watch the wideo here.