CryptoNote Download

CryptoNote is a secure HTML "Webpage Clipper" and RTF notes keeper, personal information database, journal/diary, file encryptor and email encryption utility. Use CryptoNote to clip articles and graphics directly from webpages using copy/paste. Its the ideal way to clip and archive information from the Web. Copy only the portion of the page you want. CryptoNote files are always compressed and optionally encrypted using the strongest encryption standard (AES). Send encrypted CryptoNote emails at the click of a button--suitable for safely sending any personal or business information. CryptoNote is also a document container--attach any number of documents to a CryptoNote file, all securely encrypted. Built-in file viewer allows viewing HTML, graphic and PDF attachments inside CryptoNote without extracting--great for storing offline Web pages and PDFs. And CryptoNote features a powerful HTML WYSIWYG and RTF editor.