FileZilla Download

FileZilla in a few simple words is an open-source FTP application which serves to transfer files. It supports not only FTP but also FTPS and SFTP and ensures safe transfer of multiple files to numerous servers. Additionally, it is capable of handling well with IPv6 technology.

The tabbed interface of FileZilla is good-looking and easily navigated. It assures users the possibility to look at their transfers, sites, and disks. The majority of functions is packed in a few menus, however, there is also a toolbar of buttons included especially for important features.A shining feature is QuickConnect which enables users to get access to any server they like within seconds. FileZilla is quite speedy and is able to resume downloads as well as to manage with big transfers, higher than 4GB. Users are allowed to set local and remote filters for items such as images, CVS and SVN directories, or explorer files. It also equipped with a tool used to compare directories as far as file size and modification time are concerned. Moreover, FileZilla will lead you while setting up your network and enable you to adjust the speed limits to avoid overloading your bandwidth.

The built-in Site Manager ease users to save passwords, usernames, connection types and other specific information which is essential in connecting to a website.
FileZilla features the interface which can be configured easily. It allows users to customize various settings relating to each feature of the software, including transfer, interface, proxy, file editing and more.
However, it does have some imperfection namely the lack of ability to schedule transfer times.