FIFA 07 - Cardiff City 2GK Kit Download

With a new football season there is the time for a new FIFA game. With a couple of teams unlocked in the demonstrational version and an unlimited number of matches to play (though you can only play the first half, giving you four minutes of joy at once) this game proves to be really entertaining.

In this demo you can play as and compete against AC Milan of Italy, Manchester United of the U.K., Werder Bremer of Germany, Barcelona of Spain, and Lyon of France. In each of the teams you can find well-recognised soccer starts, such as Cristiano Ronaldo. How the game is controlled brings nothing new to the field, and every FIFA fan will already know how to control their players. However, you cannot either change them or take a reassuring look at the control once you have started playing the match. I also strongly advise using a controller instead of the keyboard.

The game engine looks realistic and the graphics looks really nice. Other improvements, such as the interactive online leagues and improved manager mode are not available in the demo version.