Kindle for PC Download

Handheld readers are becoming increasingly popular among readers worldwide, as millions of users around the world read their books, magazines, and other content with devices such as Amazon's Kindle. As an application with a customizable interface, variable type size, notes, data storage and other useful features, Kindle has become the number one book-like device that offers all the prons of an electronic reader. Kindle for PC is a free program that allows you to access all the titles you have purchased for your Kindle without actually turning on the device. Thanks to its Whispersync feature, the program automatically syncs all the details: what page you last read, what bookmarks you have made, what notes have you written - and sends it to all compatible devices.  

Should you already have a Kindle or an account, installing and setting up this application should be extremely easy: you only need to enter your ID and password, and then the program opens itself with your account. You can access your purchased titles by clicking on Archived Items. As Kindle for PC looks oddly similar to the real reader, it has a very simple yet intuitive and user-friendly interface, simple controls, and also features some options specific for a PC device, including an outlined graphic that bursts with handy notifications for using your mouse in a program that resembles a touchscreen alternative. When you click on Shop, you can add some titles: either buy some new books or choose among hundreds and thousands of free titles that are available from the websites such as the Open Library, Internet Archive, and Gutenberg Project. The program is very easy to navigate with the scroll wheel of your mouse, and you can also click on the Back and Forward arrows on the left and the right side of the window. You can also easily and intuitively navigate to change font size, words per line, brightness, and all these features come in handy since books differ in their contrast, layout and text quality. and may sometimes prove difficult to read.

With Kindle for PC you can easily access all your favourite books without turning your Amazon's device.