MartView Download

Martview is an original ebook reader that allows you to view electronic documents and brings an extensive catalog of books and magazines. It is only compatible with PDF and mart file formats. However, apart from viewing e-books, it lets you create your own materials, convert to PDFs or MART format and share with others.

The most appealing element in Martview is its eye-catching interface, featuring an attractive design that enables users to enjoy reading in full screen mode. The clean layout combined with crisp images makes reading a pleasure. All the options are nicely organized in a top toolbar. Due to keyboard hotkeys, your reading experience will become even convenient.

The library of e-books in Martview is a bit ambiguous, because it mostly consists of magazines than books. The shinning part is that the material appears in several languages – which is ideal if you want to practice vocabulary in foreign languages . MartView also brings several features of moving through documents, like flip, slide, view thumbnails of the pages, scroll, pinch, circle and more.
Martivew also comes with a points system, where you can find enough information about the program's features. MartiView’s extensive catalog of downloadable material and attractive interface make it worth trying app.