TrustPort Internet Security Download

TrustPort Internet Security is a comprehensive set of tools which will protect your PC’s safety. TrustPort Internet Security protects your computer against different types of malware, viruses, adware and so on. TrustPort Internet Security also checks your mailbox and removes spam. An important feature of the program is the  build-in parental control module,  which prevents your children from access to improper content.

The application monitors all Internet communications and blocks suspicious connections. With this comprehensive operations our data security increases. Unlike the previous versions, TrustPort Internet Security provides new graphical user interface with new fashioned icons. Apart from  typical default application window, you can use a wide range of skins  which can make your security package more pleasant. What is more, you can download them for free from the Internet.

TrustPort Internet Security runs in two modes, both for the beginners and for the advanced users. The first one offers simple and clear service and access to all the most important features, whereas the second one includes detailed settings and essential information for advanced users.

Users working on more workstations will appreciate option of creating portable antivirus protection on a flash disk. Furthermore, you will also have the possibility to create a recovery disk in advance, just in case of any fatal operation system failure.

The option of creating portable antivirus protection on a flash disc will be certainly appreciated by users who work on many workstations. In addition, TrustPort Internet Security brings the ability to create a recovery disc, that may be invaluable in case of critical error, which enables you to boot the computer and the operating system.

Main characteristics of TrustPort Internet Security:

Local files protection:

File scanner incessantly monitors in real time all the files that are being used by the user. Such operation enables malware to be launch. From time to time the program scans the whole hard disc according to previously planned schedule. The TrustPort Internet Security effectiveness is highly prized by many experts and is summed up as one of the best in the world.

Web protection:

Web pages are one of the most popular source of malware, that is why the application places much emphasis on scanning downloading files from the Internet. With TrustPort Internet Security you do not have to worry about phishing sites.

Electronic mail protection:

Electronic mail is scanned to prevent from spam and malware. TrustPort Internet Security integrates with mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express and Windows Mail. There is also a possibility to monitor all incoming messages from any mail client.

Personal firewall:

All the Internet connections between the computer and the Web are controlled. It recognizes the majority of  applications what does not interrupt the connection by needles information and alerts. It also blocks unwanted and suspicious applications, in some unclear situations you will have to decide if want the application to be permitted or blocked.  The firewall of TrustPort Internet Security provides variety of settings that will increase your PC’s security.

Family protection:

The application discerns 13 categories of unwanted web sites including pornographic and gambling sites. With this special feature you will be able to block web sites with improper content. Individual profiles can be created by users, so that it will block web sites with selected content.

Portable antivirus protection:

Creation of USB flash disk with antivirus program is possible with the special TrustPort Internet Security application. With this solution you can easily check security of many computers, on the condition that they are supplied with USB.