ArtRage Studio Pro Download

ArtRage Studio Pro provides a range of painting tools designed to work like their real world counterparts, including traditional artistic tools such as: Oils that smear and blend on the canvas, Watercolor that can be applied on wet or dry paper, and Inking Pens that create crisp lines with optional auto-smoothing for removing the wrinkles that can occur in digital strokes. Studio Pro also includes utility tools such as Selection and Text. Stencils and Rulers let you mask areas of the canvas and create freehand precise lines using tools familiar from the art-studio. Stickers can be used to apply pre-made images to the canvas, or spray complex detail in a single paint stroke made up of thousands of objects which can then be post-edited for fine adjustment. ArtRage includes support for Layers and Blend Modes, along with PSD file import and export. Studio Pro also includes support for Photoshop Filters and has inbuilt blur and color adjustment so you can tweak your results before completion.