Elite Keylogger Download

Elite Keylogger is an advanced program for tracking everything that is typed in on a computer. Data you collect is displayed in a clear understandable form of reports with information on the programs that were used to type content, and what user did it (Windows user's name is reported).

The application allows to create automatic screenshots every now and then. It allows the administrator to verify text logs, as well as gain insight into more detailed data about users. Elite Keylogger tracks all the programs that are launched on a computer, saving even the time of turning them on and off.

This program allows also to verify Internet activity by registering information about visited websites. Although the program is packed with numerous features, it is very easy in use. With its user-friendly interface, invisible mode, and almost non-existent system requirements that allow your system to run at full pace, Elite Keylogger is a perfect tool for every administrator who would like to control users' activity.