LAN Speed Test Download

LAN Speed Test is an intelligible and solid Windows tool which tests the speed of your local network and measures the file transfer.

It sports an interface which serves the purpose of making the tool very easy to use. To make the program even more easy, there are only few configuration options provided. There is also a help file included for rookies who experience some trouble throughout the speed test. The main window includes all the details pertaining to speed test as well as it displays IP and MAC addresses and the computers name. The results of the performed test are displayed in the main window and users can view statistics concerning packet length, time to complete, average time to complete, bytes and bits per second.

There is also a small configuration window included which contains some information about accessible options that help users to select the test packet size and switch on the debug window. The program features also a tool used for scanning the network which shows each computer in the network. Moreover, it does not burden the performance of your computer.
All things considered, LAN Speed Test is recommended for its ease of use and powerful capabilities.