Debugging Tools for Windows Download

Debugging Tools for Windows is a program that has been specially designed to help users solve problems with the Blue Screen errors 'aka' Blue screen of death errors (BSoD) on older editions of Windows.

BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) errors are a well-known set of errors that plague all versions of Windows, from the very oldest versions right up to Windows 11 and onwards. Anyone who has used a Windows PC will have experienced a Blue Screen of Death error at some stage. In most cases, these errors don't give you much logical information to work with, so the little Debugging Tools for Windows provided by Microsoft is a must for users who see a blue screen frequently on older Windows versions.

Debugging Tools for Windows allows you to read .dmp files, where the system stores all the information responsible for the problem. Thanks to this small application, we can change settings or remove programs, drivers or other software elements that cause the computer to freeze and restart.