Your Uninstaller Download

Your Uninstaller is the utility designed for Windows PCs, that enables users to uninstall programs you want to get rid of. It not only removes redundant software but also leftover files, folders that uninstalled applications frequently leave.

Your Uninstaller features eye-candy and easy to use interface. It is a great option for just about anyone, starting from rookies and ending with experienced ones. Clicking the View, users are let to change Details view, which allows users to classify programs by installation date, size, and date last accessed. In addition, the menu has got a Start menu tool which provides access to diverse Windows tools like Security Center, Services, and On Screen Keyboard.

Your Uninstaller is equipped with four uninstall modes: Safe Mode, Super Mode, Normal Mode, and Built-in-Mode. The last option, allows users to run on its default settings, whereas Safe Mode does an easy file and registry scan. Normal Mode involves everything in Safe Mode plus an extended scan. Finally, Super Mode thoroughly scans your Windows system. Obviously the more accurate your scan is, the longer it takes. Your Uninstaller contains some handy extras including a File Shredder, Trace Eraser, Disk Cleaner, and Startup Manager. Moreover, it provides some other clever features which hinder it from deleting vital programs.
Taken into account Your Uninstaller performance, it does its job well. Users just choose the program to be uninstalled and there opens a wizard with four aforementioned modes.

To sum it up, Your Uninstaller is a comprehensive tool when it comes to keeping your PC clean because you can really get your computer into a trouble when you store tons of useless programs in it. In such a case, Your Uninstaller can prove to be extremely helpful.