Wise Program Uninstaller Download

With its powerful options you can safely uninstall any program and its left over data and registry entries as well as repair broken uninstall entries on your PC without affecting its stability and functionality. What is more, it can also delete the residual entries and force removal of stubborn applications.

There are quite a few ways to keep your PC functioning at its best and uninstalling bloated programs and unnecessary applications can be one of these methods. When launching the program, you're welcomed with some basic options where you can check how many running programs are installed and how much space they occupy. A clear cut and easy to use interface combined with powerful options invites you to use Wise Program Uninstaller, what makes it suitable for wide audience. One of these options allows users to go directly to the registry editor for each installed program.

Wise Program Uninstaller provides two main uninstall options: safe and forced. The former walks you through the default uninstallation process where one can remove any invalid uninstall entries. Whereas the latter can be used for more ‘ stubborn’ applications that are difficult to remove due to some inexplicable reasons. All you need to do is to select the program you want to get rid of from the list and follow the steps. First of all, it launches the Uninstaller and then scans quickly for leftover file or registry entries. From now on, you can select the files and relevant registry entries to completely remove the application as well as its leftovers from the PC. There is also a repair option available for faulty installations.

Thanks to its powerful features and capabilities Wise Program Uninstaller is undoubtedly one of the names to be considered every time you’re looking for a new application remover that completely uninstalls programs without leaving any files and registry entries behind.