Skip Metro Suite Download

Skip Metro Suite is a simple and easy-to-use app that lets users disable certain features of Windows 8. Basically, it allows users to boot directly to Classic desktop and adjust other options they despise. It’s a perfect solution for those who miss traditional desktop.

The only problem with such customization programs is that they are able to hide specific features, not remove them permanently. By the way, the most appreciated feature of the Skip Metro Suite is that it can disable the Modern UI when logging up. Users can also disable hot corners, charms, and app switcher. But still their features can be accessed via keyboard shortcuts.

Once installed, launch the program and make sure the 'Skip Start Screen' option is ticked. The interface is simple as it consists of one main window, where you can select the features to be deactivated. There is also a miniature desktop which shows which items of the interface are we going to disable. When you select all components you wish to turn off, save the changes. While the settings for automatic transfer to the desktop will be visible after a reboot, deactivation of hot corners works on the fly, without a need to restart the computer.

As it was mentioned above, despite the deactivation of specific elements, the user still has access to them using keyboard shortcuts. Press [Win] if you want to see the Start menu, [Win] + [TAB] displays the panel with a list of running Modern applications, and [Win] + [C] shows Charms Bar with direct access to computer settings. It is therefore a useful tool for those who still want to use the elements of the new interface, but use them so rarely that they do not need them to be active all the time. It also ensures worry-free  rolling the mouse into the corners of the screen.