OblyTile Download

OblyTile is a useful tool for owners of Windows 8 and 8.1. With this program, we can create our own tiles on the start screen of any size and set them as an image or icon. While Windows 8 allows you to attach shortcuts to the Start menu by default, we have no influence on the appearance of the tile. Thanks to OblyTile, we can ensure that the shortcuts we create will not differ in style from the application tiles prepared with the new system interface in mind.

The program has a simple interface through which we add new shortcuts. All you need to do is enter a display name, program or game path, and select an image to use as the background of the tile. Additionally, if we choose an icon with transparency as the image, we can also specify the colour of the tile on which the image will be applied. The user can also customize the colour of the text displayed on the tile. The program has a built-in manager of tiles created by us - we can remove and modify them at any time.

The tiles you create can refer to programs and games, as well as entire folders and websites. This allows you to attach various types of shortcuts to the Start screen, including links to your favourite websites (e.g. Facebook, YouTube). If you are adding a game or program, it is worth paying attention to the settings that allow you to adjust options such as additional shortcut arguments, running the program as an administrator and forcing only one instance of the program (clicking on a tile while the application is already running will bring up an open window). rather than launching another one).